Dad Chat #1: Kenyada Wilsom

10 Nov

So when I started this blog, my goal was to just post short, or long, stories about dads and their struggles, joys, mistakes, things they’ve learned during fatherhood. Well it took awhile, bu…

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Black Dad Chat #0: Courtney McIntosh

10 Nov

Hi! I’m Courtney, and thanks for stopping by. I hope that by stopping by my blog, you can be encouraged in some way shape or form. My goal is to highlight those positive examples of black fat…

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Whats Beef?

21 Sep

Man I don’t know about you guys, but I find rap beef in 2016 extra corny. Especially when one of the rappers involved was just trying to “unify the police and the black community”…

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Changing Tastes…….

26 Aug

I’m a weirdo. I know that. Most of my family knows that also. But I just like to think that because I’m always evolving, I’m always open to discovering new things. And nowhere is …

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Wednesday comic grabs for this week!

24 Jun

Video post by @blackdadchron.

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Try Something New!

30 May

Recently, I took up golfing as a way to keep myself active and because my knees were telling me that I should stay as far away from a basketball court as possible. Beside, my brotha from anotha mot…

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Embracing your Inner-Weirdo

14 May

Kids are weirdos man. As parents, we spend so much time trying to mold and shape every single little detail of their lives so they turn out the way that we want them to, not really stopping to thin…

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