19 Aug

Hard to be a beacon of light when everything else seems so dark. Keeping my tv off because Im sick of the propaganda being displayed. I guess I’ll only use it for sports and video games. There are some things in America that I cant wrap my head around. Why hasn’t this cop been arrested yet? Why does the police force in a town that has only had 4 homicides in the last 4 years need better weapons and gear than the military? Why do overzealous white cops see young black males as an instant threat? Why do some black folks believe that their hatred for whites is justified because they hated us first? Why do black folks believe Obama can do no wrong because he’s black? Why do I have to stop worshiping Jesus because I’m black? Why am I a detriment to my race because I dont call myself African? Why does a mistake my little brother made 10 years ago still keep him from getting a job? Sometimes I wish I could light up a blunt and go far away. Why?


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