19 Aug

Hard to be a beacon of light when everything else seems so dark. Keeping my tv off because Im sick of the propaganda being displayed. I guess I’ll only use it for sports and video games. There are some things in America that I cant wrap my head around. Why hasn’t this cop been arrested yet? Why does the police force in a town that has only had 4 homicides in the last 4 years need better weapons and gear than the military? Why do overzealous white cops see young black males as an instant threat? Why do some black folks believe that their hatred for whites is justified because they hated us first? Why do black folks believe Obama can do no wrong because he’s black? Why do I have to stop worshiping Jesus because I’m black? Why am I a detriment to my race because I dont call myself African? Why does a mistake my little brother made 10 years ago still keep him from getting a job? Sometimes I wish I could light up a blunt and go far away. Why?


Friday Top 5ive!

31 Jan

Hey guys, I know that I’m a day late with this top 5 list, and I think I’ll be moving it to Fridays anyway. Subject this week? My top 5 favorite movies. There is only one qualification for this list: I have to be able to watch the movie whenever it comes on. That’s it. These are in no particular order, and there were so many movies to choose from, hence the extra day I needed. So here it is, my 5 favorite movies of all time.

1. Friday. I have to admit something; I didn’t see this movie until right before I went to college. I wasn’t one of the cool kids and my mom didn’t believe in us watching R rated movies. So I was late to the Friday party. Now? I can recite it line for line when its on.

2. Do The Right Thing. Not the best Spike Lee joint, but its in his top 3. When I was between 19 and 20, I went thru a “pro black” phase. I watched Do The Right Thing and Higher Learning that whole summer, and that’s what fueled my “pro blackness”. It got so bad that I wouldn’t take the cotton out of an aspirin bottle. But I loved everything about this movie, and fell in love with Rosie Perez in the process.

3. The Dark Knight. Newsflash: I love comic books. In high school, my most prized possession was the Death of Superman box set. It included the graphic novel, an issue of the Daily Planet, and a few other goodies. But The Dark Knight is, in my honest opinion, the best acted comic movie ever.

4. Ace Ventura 2, When Nature Calls. There was once a time when Jim Carrey was my favorite actor. He’s not anymore, but man,he was awesome in this movie. The bats, the motorized rhino, the tribe in Africa, and THATS WHAT YOU SLIPPED IN, THATS WHAT WAS ON YOUR SHOE, AND THAT CAUSED THE ABRAISION ON YOUR PALM!!!! (humps the air)

5.Home Alone 2. This possibly is my favorite movie of all time. Kevin McAllister had the best childhood ever. I mean sure, getting left behind on a family vacation sucks and all, but he made the best of his situation, and foiled the “wet bandits” for the second time. But the stars of the movie were Harry and Marv. At some points they made me root for them because they were just that funny, and they kept coming back. Some of my favorite movie villains.

Bizzle Responds to Macklemore’s “Same Love”

29 Jan

Bizzle Responds to Macklemore's "Same Love".

Top 5 Thursdays!!

23 Jan

Starting today, January 23, 2014, and every Thursday after for the foreseeable future, I’ll be posting my 5 favorite things on my blog. Ranging from sports, to hip-hop, to culture in general. The list will be debatable, but ultimately, its my list. First up, my top 5 favorite Detroit sports figures.

  1. Steve Yzerman- Cant say anything bad about “The Captain”.  I went to several Red Wings as a kid, and I remember each time being an awesome experience. A key figure of the 3 championships won during his 22 year career with the Wings, you cant talk about Hockeytown without mentioning Steve Yzerman.
  2. Isiah Thomas- As a die-hard Pistons fan, it was no way Zeke was not gonna make this list. He hands down gets my vote as the greatest Piston of all time.
  3. Barry Sanders. Do I really have to explain this? The greatest running back of my generation had his awesomeness wasted with the Lions, kinda like how Calvin Johnson is now. No matter how bad the Lions made you feel, Barry Sanders MADE you watch, just to see what he was gonna do next.
  4. Ben Wallace. I seriously thought about Grant Hill and Chauncey Billups in this spot, but Ben Wallace personified the city of Detroit.  Tough, gritty, strong. I contend that Ben (and maybe Sheed) should be the only Piston from the 2004 team that should be in the Hall of Fame. He was the best at what he did for 5-6 years. Nobody was a better defensive player than Ben.
  5. Lou Whitaker and Allan Trammel. Here’s something most people dont know about me; baseball, not basketball, was my first love. I played the infield because of these two, the BEST double play combo to ever combine. They were like Voltron on the baseball diamond

So thats my Top 5 favorite Detroit sports figures. Feel free to offer yours, and also offer up suggestions for future Top 5’s.

From 5-Years-Old To Current Day… #TheSame

23 Jan

My buddy Janice has a blog, and its pretty good. Check her out.

Manhattan Jan

I just had a thought.  I was standing in front of the fridge with the door wide open sneaking pieces of cheese, just as I once did as a 5-year-old, and I thought: I am pretty much the same person today, as a 20-something-girl, as I was at 5-years-old.  Though my features may have changed a bit, I got much taller, put on some weight, cut my hair a few times, and I actually think about my words before I blurt them out; but my thoughts are the same, maybe more mature but they still come and go just as simply as they did then.  I’m still just as imaginative as I was at 5, my laugh’s the same, my fears are the same, I still dip my hand in butter as I did as a child…. All in all, I am still very much the same. 

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Where’d The Time Go?

17 Jan

Its 330 am and Im wide awake. Ive got issues. All I can think about is Ive been up since about 7 am yesterday morning, and I havent had time to do squat. There are so many things that I want to do throughout the day, but it seems as though the time just runs thru my fingers. I dont really due New Years resolutions, they arent really my style, but I did pledge to be a healthier person, a Godlier person. A better husband and father, and it seems as though all I have time for at home is to cook, wash dishes, and keep an eye on Olivia, since its usually just she and I during the day. But it seems as though I’m just wondering thru life with no purpose. I guess thats what Im trying to find. My mom and my sister both tell me that I’m afraid to fly. That I’m scared of success. Sometimes I wonder just how I can be afraid of something that I’ve never had? I’ve successfully graduated high school and college, but I find myself wondering at almost 33 years old, what have I done of any substance?

It’s been a long time………

20 Jul

New ish coming soon. Working on my focus, getting closer to God, and becoming a kick-ass chef. What can I say? I’m complex. Also trying some T-shirt designs. Peace!