I think I’ve found the one!

17 Jan

Hello reader! If you know me personally, or have read any of my other blogs, and hey lets face it; you wouldnt be here if you didnt know me, then you know I have an affinity for mobile electronics. Well, mostly phones or tablets, but I dabble in other gadgets also. I dont really mess with Apple because I dont like for something to be shoved down my throat, claiming that its one thing when it really isnt. Case in point: the iPod. Now I know that the iPod is just an MP3 player made by Apple. But thats not how Apple markets it and Apple fanboys all over the world would jump off buildings if they found out that’s all it is. But anyway, this isnt about Apple. It’s about me.  And cell phones, namely, my operating system of choice. Yo, I’ve been a fan of Android since way back. The G1 was my first Android phone, and the granddaddy of all Android phones. It was love at first sight. But recently, that love has turned sour. Last year, I owned a total of 8 different models, 6 androids, one Blackberry, and one Windows Phone 7 device. I was steadily trying to find something that fit me. Finally, I found that phone in the HTC HD7, a Windows Phone 7 device. I had two pre mango and post mango update. It. Just. Fit. First off, at 4.3 inches(screen size) the phone was the perfect size for my extra-large hands. Secondly, Windows Phone 7 is super easy to set up and use. Thats my main problem with Android. I had 6 different Android models last year, and 6 different experiences. The best one I had, the Samsung Galaxy S 4G, and the worst one I had, the Sidekick 4G, where on opposite ends of the spectrum. And I’ve had the worst experience with the phone that, if you are a sucker for specs, should’ve been the best one. Im not an app guy, although I do have about 50 different apps on my phone now, I use probably about 7 of them, and I can find an equal app in the Windows marketplace. Now I do use Google Music and Amazon MP3 to listen to my music, but Zune takes care of that. As a matter of fact, the only problems that I’ve had with Windows Phone 7 is the fact that I can’t expand my memory, and there is not a good Google Voice app. I need a good Google Voice app where I live because the reception in my apartment sucks. There is a reason why I keep an Android phone, T-Mobiles wi-fi calling(seriously T-Mo, put that on all of your smartphones). But, right now Im so sick of Android that I dont really care about that anymore. There are a few spots in my crib where I do get good reception and I’m all for just keeping my phone in one of those areas and wearing my bluetooth all day. But we are moving in August (Lord willin) and one of the main priorities will be cellular reception. I may miss Android. I’m pretty sure that I will. But the fact that I’m not rebooting my phone everyday, and suffering through constant force closes will help me get over that pretty quickly. So I can stop searching now, because I’ve found “the one”!

Peace and love, and remember that knowings half the battle!


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