Color Me Colorblind

25 Jan

Its 1:13 am, January 25, and Im mad. As hell. So I watched the State of the Union address tonight and I must admit; I was pretty fired up watching it. I was ready to hit the streets and mob for Obama. And then I realized, without action, words are just words. I am the biggest critic of President Obama that I know of, and I catch a lot of flack for it. You wanna know the reason I catch flack for it? Because he’s black, and so am I. See, when you are black, you arent supposed to disagree with the “black folks that made it”. Espicially sense a black man, who I voted for, is in office. Look, I like Obama, I really do. I dont think he’s the anti-christ, like a lot of people on my  twitter feed, but just because he’s black doesnt mean that I have to stand by and keep my mouth closed when I think he’s not doing enough. Nope. I called out Bush, and I’ll call out Obama. I voted for him, I have that right. (S/N: I was told that I dont like Obama because I didnt address him as President Obama. Too many syllables. I didnt call Bush “president” either). Has he done things that I like? Heck yeah. Starting off with the fact that he was able to galvanize enough folks to vote for him! Lets see, bin Laden dead on his watch, Al-Qaida in shambles, gay people can serve our country without being afraid to be who they think they are, Obamacare and, this is a big plus, he’s putting a focus on getting Americans healthy. Thats why we need Obamacare in the first place. But does that mean that I’m gonna let slide his stance on abortion? Or NDAA? Or the fact that he wants to focus on wind and other types of energy instead of putting Americans to work, AND lowering our dependence on foreign oil? Mr President, cars dont run on wind. Building out the Keystone pipeline would put hundreds, possibly a few thousand people back to work. And gas wouldnt be $3.50. Look, Im black and proud of it, but I refuse, as a black man to blindly support someone just because of they are black to. Didnt happen with O.J. Simpson, and it wont happen with Barack Obama. I wish him success. But I’m gonna go ahead and say it: Ron Paul 2012!I’m black ya’ll


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