Top 5 Thursdays!!

23 Jan

Starting today, January 23, 2014, and every Thursday after for the foreseeable future, I’ll be posting my 5 favorite things on my blog. Ranging from sports, to hip-hop, to culture in general. The list will be debatable, but ultimately, its my list. First up, my top 5 favorite Detroit sports figures.

  1. Steve Yzerman- Cant say anything bad about “The Captain”.  I went to several Red Wings as a kid, and I remember each time being an awesome experience. A key figure of the 3 championships won during his 22 year career with the Wings, you cant talk about Hockeytown without mentioning Steve Yzerman.
  2. Isiah Thomas- As a die-hard Pistons fan, it was no way Zeke was not gonna make this list. He hands down gets my vote as the greatest Piston of all time.
  3. Barry Sanders. Do I really have to explain this? The greatest running back of my generation had his awesomeness wasted with the Lions, kinda like how Calvin Johnson is now. No matter how bad the Lions made you feel, Barry Sanders MADE you watch, just to see what he was gonna do next.
  4. Ben Wallace. I seriously thought about Grant Hill and Chauncey Billups in this spot, but Ben Wallace personified the city of Detroit.  Tough, gritty, strong. I contend that Ben (and maybe Sheed) should be the only Piston from the 2004 team that should be in the Hall of Fame. He was the best at what he did for 5-6 years. Nobody was a better defensive player than Ben.
  5. Lou Whitaker and Allan Trammel. Here’s something most people dont know about me; baseball, not basketball, was my first love. I played the infield because of these two, the BEST double play combo to ever combine. They were like Voltron on the baseball diamond

So thats my Top 5 favorite Detroit sports figures. Feel free to offer yours, and also offer up suggestions for future Top 5’s.


One Response to “Top 5 Thursdays!!”

  1. Meech711 January 23, 2014 at 5:22 PM #

    1-3 are probably solid. 4-5 are debatable. If you’re speaking of your lifetime, I get it. Nick Lidstrom, Miggy Cabrera, Joe Dumars would get consideration on my list. Calvin Johnson as well.

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