Why this Christian will NEVER vote Republican

5 Sep

First let me start off with this: I am a Christian. I love God. I love Jesus. I’ve voted Democrat all my life. I have views that are conservative, and I also have views that are liberal. I will never vote for a Republican. Now I havent been the most supportive of President Obama, mainly because I feel he turns the other cheek WAAAYYYYY too much. He doesnt stand up for himself at all. He has done a few very good things since becoming president. My favorites: putting the order out on bin Laden, and repealing “Dont Ask, Dont Tell”. Two things that I thought were way over due. And I can say now that he firmly has my vote in an election that just two weeks ago I had no interest in voting in because I have become so disgusted by politics. But here’s my real beef with republicans: God. Yup, God. Not Got himself, but the way they use God as a means to scream at others “hey Im a conservative Christian. That makes me better than you”. They sling Gods name around like He’s nothing. Thats not the God I serve. Here’s me being conservative: I dont like abortion. I dont agree with it at all, but this is where I’m different: it’s a woman’s choice. God gives us the free will to make our own choices, and everything that goes with those choices, consequences included. Here’s my conservative hat again- I think that God made marriage I union between one man, and one woman. I also believe that being gay is a choice-chosing to give in to the desires of the flesh. Just like watching porn, just like doing drugs, just like over eating. But if a gay person loves this country enough to go fight and possibly die for it, Im glad they can.  That was way overdue. Trust me, there were plenty gay people that I was stationed with during my time in the Navy, most of them were out, and we knew that they were. But anyway. Here’s my other two big reason for not supporting the GOP: they dont have my best interests in mind, and they hate the fact that our president is black. There. I said it. Since President Obama was elected, it seems like the only goal of the GOP is to make him a one term president. So much so that they are willing to support a Mormon(non-Christian). Republicans also dont like average everyday working stiffs like me. They only seem to enjoy super-Christian, businessmen, whos actions and strong dislike those folks who are poor, gay, black, atheist, muslim, Mexican immigrant, and non business owners make people, well me at least, wonder how Christian they really are. And Im not here to question someones walk with God, but take a look at it yourself. All they seem to worship is gop lies and America. Not helping the poor, or helping this country get better. God is not their God, but America is their god. I not going any further, I just had to vent. Yall do what yall want. Peace!


2 Responses to “Why this Christian will NEVER vote Republican”

  1. Intelligentleman September 6, 2012 at 3:37 PM #

    Besides using ad hominem attacks you haven’t provided any logical, political, or theological arguments that can’t be easily refuted . Your first mistake is making sweeping generalizations about an entire political party and ultimately passing judgment on something you cannot know(the intentions of someone elses heart). I am a black, conservative, working class stiff. There goes your whole argument down the drain. I am a former USN veteran but I don’t have a particular affinity for this nation. I thank God for the mercies He has granted and the amounts of freedoms we possess in this nation, but I am not waving a red,white, and blue flag or pledging my allegiance to anything other than Christ. With that being said how do I fit into your generalization of republicans? Guess your rant was ill informed and poorly discerned. You say you aren’t questioning anyone’s walk with God but then proclaim at the end of your rant that America is the Godof those on the political right. Which is it? Are you judging or aren’t you? That is a judgment. You have called all republicans idolaters. If you are wrong then you just willingly told a lie for the sake of making your point which was to misrepresent and falsely characterize an entire group of people based on your observations of others and not objective reason and research. Its amazing how hypocritical we can be sometimes(we as blacks). We don’t want anyone to group us in collectively based on the actions of a few or many, but we will stereotype other groups of people (political parties, races, religions). Before you put something like this into the blogosphere maybe try seasoning it with a little more caution and maybe some grace.

    I dont prefer Obama because I disagree with him politically, socially, morally, and theologically. Has absolutely nothing to do with his race. In fact if we are being honest in the 2008 election me and many others ignored the issues and voted for him simply because he was black. I’ve spoken to far too many of my brothers and sisters who have confirmed this. I won;t say that this is true of the entire population of blacks in America but to pull the race card on those who disagree with his policies is quite unfair when the race card was the only reasdon some people voted for him (me included at that time a mistake I will never make again). [sidenote: im not voting for Romney either]

    Oh and by the way I am a conservative Christian and I know I’m not better than anyone. That is why I want to introduce everyone to the One(JesusChrist) because He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and NO ONE comes to the Father but by Him.

    • C. James McIntosh September 9, 2012 at 12:27 PM #

      First and foremost I’d like to thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. I dont really get a lot of reads, so thank you for taking time out of your day to do so. Now to your point. I know I did happen to generalize the whole GOP based off of the actions of a few individuals, and I know a lot of Republicans that are not that way. Just like I know a lot of black people who arent thugs, gansters, rappers, strippers, absent fathers, etc. It is the way that the party is portrayed. Look, I’ll admit that I voted for Obama because he is black, and most people I know did also and will do so again. I guess my point in this blog was how disgusted I am with the whole political process and the thing that annoys me the most is that the GOP always waves the “Jesus” flag, but their actions seem to be the total opposite of what I believe Jesus would want us to do.Any how, thank you for reading. Enjoy your day and God bless!

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