Here’s to good health.

9 Apr

I’m becoming a vegan. There, I said it. Well, not right away. But I can easily see that I’m heading that way. As a matter of fact, I went 6 days as a vegan, and it is easier said than done. What I found was that not eating meat was the easy part. It was the “not eating dairy” part that was harder than expected. I never thought that I could be addicted to dairy like I am. For those 6 days, all that I could think about was cheese, ice cream and butter. Not chicken, not steak, not bacon, but the almighty cheddar. So I’m talking an easier approach and slowly weaning myself off of meat and dairy. I have no doubt that I’ll be successful with it. Time for me to stop living to eat, and eat to live. Currently my twin sister and I are on a raw food diet for 14 days. Officially this is day 5. Day 2 was the hardest. I ended up cheating on day 4, I had a garlic roll at work and a beer when I got home. Oh well. The only alcohol that I can have is wine because its the only one thats considered raw. One thing that I’ve discovered is that this challenge is forcing me to become a more creative and crafty as a chef. Another thing helping me is the fact that Im keeping a series of video blogs to update my progress every day. You can see them on my facebook or Google+ page. Welp, heres to good health!


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