Two weeks later……

29 Feb

Well, its been two whole weeks since I upgraded my phone. For those who dont know, I consider myself an Android “fanboy”. Basically what that means is I love all things Android. But, I found myself starting to tire of Android. Mainly because every android phone is exactly the same, eventhough each one promises to be different. So, with my upgrade I decided that I was going to get something different. I’ve kept my eye on Windows Phone 7 since I first heard about the Mango update, and I’ve also (very briefly) owned an HD7 and I liked what Microsoft had to offer, there was just one problem that I’d run into; I get bad reception in my house, and I needed T-Mobile’s wifi calling that their Android phones offered. So I thought I was stuck. Well, one day I walked into my local T-Mobile store (where they know me by name) and found that all of the employee’s were using the 2 Windows Phones that they offer, the Nokia Lumia 710 and the HTC Radar 4G (for training). So I asked about them. What I found out was the two phones have differences, mainly a front-facing camera and internet sharing on the Radar 4G, and a few Nokia-specific apps on the Lumia 710. So, I weighed the pros and cons and decided to go with the Lumia based on one thing; one of the reps (who was using a Radar 4G) pointed out that the Lumia has a stronger antenna. That right there was the clincher. Windows Phone 7 is in my honest opinion, the most beautiful smartphone OS out right now. It just works for me. I love the fact that I can just change the color of my theme and not have to worry about re-doing all of my homescreens. WP7 doesnt try to do too much. And thats the reason I love it. Its simple and doesnt overwhelm you or beat you over the head with customization. I’m not that big of an “app” guy, but WP7 has an official, or third-party app that I need. The camera is nice, I love the browser, and the voice-to-text feature is WAAAYYYYY better than Google’s. With my Lumia, I don’t have to worry about not having a signal in my apartment, because I am constantly with 2 or 3 bars. I love the way the phone feels in my hand. WP7 or the Nokia Lumia 710 are not without faults though. Even-though I don’t use it a lot, I would love to have a front-facing camera, but I can live without one. I also felt that the phone would be too small because I have big hands, but I’m getting used to the onscreen keyboard. Although I do miss the SwiftkeyX keyboard on Android, I love WP7′ keyboard. I also wish I had more than 8 GB of internal memory. All in all, I love WP7 because, and how do I stress this, IT WORKS!! I dont have to worry about seeing “force close” or having an app freeze on me. So I believe Microsoft has a winner with Windows Phone 7, and I cant wait to see what Microsoft has coming down the pipeline!


3 Responses to “Two weeks later……”

  1. Gino March 1, 2012 at 12:37 PM #

    Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but I appreciate the honesty. I also like WP7, but am extremely disappointed in its lack of exposure. I think windows 8 will be where it’s really at. I kind of feel like WP7 users are a beta test for windows 8.

    Also, I didn’t realize that the lumina lacked a front facing camera. That’s a pretty standard feature now days. Another disappointment.

  2. Rich March 1, 2012 at 1:02 PM #

    Nice little review.

    I’m a bit of an iPhone guy to be honest, but when I tire of it, I tend to buy an android device. I’ve had the hero, desire, galaxy s2, nexus s, and dell streak.

    One things for sure: I won’t be bothering with android again. It’s just too unreliable and quirky. It’s a great hobby phone, but I need something consistent.

    Need the hardware to improve first, but it’ll be wp7 for me next time.

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