Wrestling Matters Right? (My blog from Monday Night Raw on 7/17/2011

26 Jul

Was I the only person who enjoyed Monday Night Raw this past Monday? All over my twitter timeline, people were complaining that the show was a letdown. I understood where these folks were coming from, with all of the riviting tv weve enjoyed for the past three weeks courtesy of one CM Punk. News networks all over the place have been enthralled with Punks actions the past three weeks, starting with his little sit-down exit at the end of Raw where he undressed several members of the the WWE hirarchy, including chairman, well, former chairman Vince McMahon, his son in law Triple H, and former WWE champion John Cena. I say former because unless youve been under a rock the past 4 days, youd know that Punk did what he promised at the Money In The Bank PPV, that is he won the title from Cena, and left. So, everyone was expecting for it to be fireworks at Raw this past Monday, and rightfully so. Now, I DVR Raw and I usually start watching it 30-45 minutes behind, so I check twitter to keep up. Monday though, I didnt start watching it until 10:30 pm est. I was on twitter but I read were tweets about being “let down”, and “not happy” with what they were seeing. I didnt know what to expect when I turned it on, but I was sure happy with what I witnessed, save for the diva’s match (14 Divas in one match and they couldnt get 5 minutes?). Thats right, I was happy because I accutally got to see wrestling. You know, the reason people watch wrestling in the first place. I have to admit that I was a little down on the WWE as of late because it was boring. To much of the sideshow and not enough action. Well that and Cena winning the belt for the 10th time. Any body who knows me knows how big of a mark for Cena I am. Hell, I was probably the only grown man who was dressed like Cena at Wrestlemania (Ive got the pics to prove it) but WWE was boring with him as the champ. Miz was a refreshing change to the title scene and I hoped that he wouldve kept the belt longer, but hes not the cash cow Cena is. But anyway, I was a bit surprised that Vince decided to have a tournement to decide the champ instead of giving the belt to Alberto Del Rio. But we got 6 great matches on an episode of Monday Night Raw. When was the last time that happened? And you know what, Rey Mysterio put in two of his best matches that Ive seen in a LONG time. I used to love Rey. WCW Rey. Before he took the mask off Rey. The ECW Rey. I dont like the Rey with bad knees. The Rey who cant pull off the “West Coast Pop” because of the strain it puts on his knees. The Rey that cant fly anymore. But hell, his match with Dolph Ziggler was awesome. Then, his match with R-Truth was even better. The only disappointment that I felt Monday night was the Divas match, and the finish to the Miz-Alex Riley match. I’m not upset that Miz won, but the fact that his “Skull-crushing finale” sucks. But anyway, if wrestling really matters to fans, then they shouldve been proud of Raw this past week because that is exactly what they gave us. Then, the way the show ended, made you believe that Vince was truly being ousted on TV by his son-in-law. It had drama, emotions, and great wrestling. That is everything we wanted right?


One Response to “Wrestling Matters Right? (My blog from Monday Night Raw on 7/17/2011”

  1. rmac3982 July 26, 2011 at 12:58 PM #

    Good job babe. Good job!

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