I Wonder

26 Jul

I wonder,
Who really voted for change?
Cause if you ask me,
Our country seems about the same
Or even worse
I wonder,
Am I doing right by my kids?
I’m not called a baby daddy
Or doing a bid.
I wonder….
Where the “job creators” in my neighborhood?
Cause ain’t nobody getting jobs
Job creators is republican for “rich folks, if you didn’t know
Why you wanna tax me when you know I can’t afford it,
Cause if you don’t tax the rich and you only tax the poor,
The rich will poor soon
Cause poor folks is gonna war
I wonder……
Who do she think about when I’m not around?
I’m not a clown for askin I just know,
That I’m not the singular force in your universe.
Besides, we been married along time and if she ain’t thinking about no one else then I know she’s got a problem because I can really suck, sometimes
But I stay in my right mind
Cause I lean on God.
I wonder
Would he be proud of me?
And is He proud of me?
Pops been gone twenty years,
And I don’t feel comfort when I shed tears
Damn I miss my daddy.
I wonder what I’d have done
If I would’ve had him to lean on
Right before the stupidity that I was about to do
Got done.
3 strikes against me
But I took every strike and kicked it the teeth
Sometimes it seems like that only gave me bad feet.
But I survive
Cause every morning when He allows me to rise
I drop to my knees and thank Him,
No matter the skies.
I wonder
What do my kids see when they look at me?
Good I hope.
I am their protector, guide, best friend, and stuffed animal
I see love when I look at them. All the love in the world!
I wonder……
what do you see when you look at me?


One Response to “I Wonder”

  1. rmac3982 July 26, 2011 at 12:58 PM #

    I like this! A lot! Now I do have to respond, but I will do that later on my blog…but I love you big head! Good job!

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