Uncle Toms?????

15 Mar

I grew up in the hood. Detroit, Michigan. Linwood and Sturtevant to be exact. So I know hood. So did Jalen Rose. He grew up in the hood as well. But I was different. If you knew me and knew my little brother, we were the total opposite. I talked like I had some sense, he didn’t. My guess is he didn’t feel comfortable talking like me. We both had the same mother, who was a fourth grade teacher; we were just two different people. That being said, we LOVED the Fab 5 at Michigan. Our sister did two. So did our mom, who is a Michigan alum. Now even though my bro and were different, we both learned the game of basketball on the streets. We talked trash, him more than me, because everybody did. And you know what? He hated Duke. He STILL hates Duke. I never did. In fact, behind U-M, Duke was my second favorite team. Because they won. That’s why I liked them. Wins. I also know what it’s like to be talked about because I talked “proper” or talked “white”. Did it hurt? As a kid, hell yeah it did. But I never let it bother me. So it also didn’t bother me when Jalen Rose said that he thought the black kids Duke recruited were “uncle toms”. You know why it didn’t hurt? Cause we all felt that way. Just about every single black kid I knew, especially boys, thought that if you talked different, if you lived in a better neighborhood than us, you weren’t “black” enough. Was that fair? Hell no. But it didn’t matter. Most kids growing up in the hood don’t know fair. They only know unfair. Unfair is the fact that most don’t know who their fathers are. I knew who my dad was, but he lived thousands of miles away, and he died when I was ten. Unfair is the fact the most don’t know what a good meal is because mommy works two, sometimes 3 jobs and never has any money. “That kid has his mom and dad. He has new shoes and goes to that good school. He’s a sucka!” That’s how it was. Jalen Rose also admitted that because of this, he was also jealous of Grant Hill. Who wasn’t? I know I was. Chris Webber too. Their parents had money. It’s a lot of hate being thrown Jalen’s way because he admitted this. Hell, I give him props for having the sack to admit something like that. Admitting that you are jealous or envious of someone is not an easy thing. I’ve gotten pissed off a whole lot the past two days listening to sports radio calling attacking Jalen. Some black folks, most of them white. They don’t know what his thought process was at 18, 19 years old. It seems that they just assume that because he was a basketball player who got the privilege to attend the University of Michigan, he should change how he felt. But you can’t just do that overnight. It’s obvious that he doesn’t feel that way now, so why are people so upset? Folks should be upset at the hatred that was spewed towards them. But that would be too much like right. Like Jalen, I feel differently now. My plan is for my kids to remain in a two parent household. I want to give them everything that I had, and everything that I didn’t have, but wanted. As parents, we’ve got to do better. And that’s where it starts.


One Response to “Uncle Toms?????”

  1. Ruko March 16, 2011 at 2:29 AM #

    Nicely said Mr. CourtJames..

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