My thoughts on the NBA Age Limit (circa 2009)

14 Mar

Well, its that time again, 2009 NBA Draft! And you know know what, its also time for another round of our favorite NBA topic: that’s right, the age limit! As, I’ve been turning thru the sports channels I’ve been bombarded with things like “former Memphis player had SAT stand-in” or former USC player(s) had benefits given to him, or player X is skipping college for basketball riches overseas, and then I get to thinking…..Why is everyone so mad a David Stern? Sure, he put a lid on every high school kid and his mama jumping to the NBA. But why is everyone so mad? Get off his back. Everyone first wants to cry racism because he stopped poor, inner-city(black) basketball prodigies from pursuing their life’s dream of the NBA. But that’s not racist because poor, suburban (white kids) basketball prodigiesĀ  can’t do it anymore either! Whats wrong with someone coming into their new job properly equipped? Nothing. I don’t blame Big Dave because he is not the parent of basketball prodigy “X” forcing that kid to focus on something that is not basketball. It seems as if these kids have no back up plan. That doesn’t mean that Stern is not at fault. While the D-League is steadily expanding (8 years, 108 total players called up), it is still nowhere near on par with MLB and the NHL’s minor league systems. That’s where the NCAA comes in. I know its not what its intended for, but it technically is the NBA’s minor league. And after graduation/completion of eligibility, players can make a GOOD living playing ball in Europe. The one flaw that I see with the NBA’s age limit is that it is 19 or bust. Baseball’s age limit works because if you are not good enough to make it to the league out of high school, instead of taking up a spot that could be used on a more skilled, and more deserving player, the player has to go hone his skills at the collegiate level for 3 years. If the NBA adopted this type of age rule, I believe that it would lead to higher skilled players on NBA rosters, and a higher standard of play. So stop bashing Stern. After all, he is the commish, and he pretty much calls all the shots


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