Mannnnnnn F@*k the New York Knicks

23 Feb

Mannnnnn EFF the Knicks. Yeah I said it. Melo and Stoudamire do not put you over the top lames. You traded away 3 starters for a “superstar” who cant help you do anything but score points. He and Amare basically cancel each other out because they are the same player. THE SAME PLAYER. Who does Melo make better? No one. Just like Stoudamire. They dont make teammates better. Two black holes in the same front court. I guess Mr Big Shot, Landry Fields, and Spike Lee wont have any shots available. Whats killing me is how all these analysts are loving the trade. Really? Lets see: Boston, Miami, Chicago, Orlando, Atlanta. Melo does not make you better than the 5 teams that I just names. How many times has he made it out of the first round? Once. He is T-Mac all over again. New York is also getting an unmotivated Chauncey Billups. He doesn’t want to be in New York. He is probably gonna try to get bought out so that he can go to Denver because he didn’t want to leave. Who the fuck are the New York Knicks to basketball? Nothing. They haven’t been relevant since they were Bad Boys 2.0 in the 90’s. But even then they still feel short to the Bulls. And the Pacers. And the Heat. This is not the 70’s any more and they are not relevant. Lets see how they fare now against Lebron and them. I’m not mad at Carmelo. He handle this better than Lebron did last summer. I wish him well. I’m more mad at the media for hyping this shit up the way they have. So top free agents are just going to flock to the basketball “Mecca” that is New York? GTFOH! I doubt the owners let this shit fly in the new CBA. As a Pistons fan I used to love Isiah Thomas and before he destroyed the Knicks I wanted him to join the Pistons in some executive form. But now? Fuck him too. We all know that he still has James Dolans ear. So fuck the New York Knicks. They’ll still will be the 7th seed and out in the first round bitches.


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