Man I HAD to resurrect the “N” word for this cat

11 Feb

Disclaimer. I will be using the word “nigga”, in multiple forms in this blog. You’ve been warned……….

I am black. And I like to support black business. Thats why I like the comic strip The Boondocks. When I first started reading it, I loved the rawness that Aaron McGruder brought using young Huey and Riley Freeman as his mouthpieces. I could see my younger brother and I in those two black kids from Woodcrest. I was more Huey, and he was more Riley. And we did live with our grandfather, but our mom raised us. So I did see some similarities. But it wasnt until Mr McGruder brought his famous strip to the tv, that I found one of my favorite characters: Uncle Ruckus. Never in my life had I encountered a black man like him. Other than Clayton Bigsby(watch Chappell Show season 1 if you don’t know the name) no black man on tv had been as niggerish. But, as I was perusing the website, I ran across one Pastor James David Manning. See Pastor Manning is a black man, but hates being black. This I could gather from the 4 videos that I watched. Such videos like “Half a negro, 3/5 of a man in the White House”, “The International Association of Colored People”, “The Antichrist(Oprah) has come”, and the laugh out loud “Neutering of the white male”. The only thing I missing was the Adult Swim logo. Thats why I refer to Pastor Manning as a “nigga”, and his videos are his “nigga moments”. What is a nigga moment you ask? Well, according to Huey Freeman, a “nigga moment” is when ignorance overwhelms logic of an otherwise rational negro male. I would have to assume that since Pastor Manning once was a rational black male at one point, he does speak really well. But that doesn’t matter. I guess the sad part is somewhere along the line, this man was anointed to represent God here on Earth. But I guess if pastors and priests can be rapists and thieves, they can be dumb niggas also. And I can admit that I have never seen such extreme niggerishness like what I just watched. Peace y’all!


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