The Joys of Parenthood: Love is???????

31 Jan

Hello all! This is going to be quick, but it’s bugging me because I feel like I’m totally stuck on stupid right now. So, as I was getting Jr. prepped for school this morning, I went to put his lunch bag into his book bag, and I found a letter that he had written. Now, it wasnt just any letter, it was more like a “love” letter. To TWO girls. On the same sheet of paper. Mind you, Jr is only 6 and in the first grade. Now, the letter didn’t have any thing crazy or outlandish, it was actually quite cute, but I still was taken aback because I did not know that I would have to confront this so early. My wife and I both know that he has a crush on a little girl in his class since before Christmas, and she actually wrote him a letter that he bought home on Friday. Her letter said ” Hello _______ you are very funny and nice”. See? nothing harmful about that, right? so his letter to her said “Dear Madison, I wish I could come to your home. Love C_____”. Yeah, so that was harmless too, but how do I explain love to a 6-year-old? But here is the kicker, right below that, he writes another letter to a girl in his class named Brenda. And I quote “To Brenda I love you from C________”. So therein lies my predicament. It’s not like he is 11 or 12 and I’m explaining the birds and the bees, and I do know that maybe I am overreacting, but I am the “overreacting, always freaking out” type of dad. Love is a big word, and it should always be used appropriately. But how do I know how he feels about these two little girls? Not to mention that sending two different girls a love note on the same sheet of paper is probably not the best idea. But like I said, he’s only 6. If anyone has any tips on how to handle a situation like this, please let me know because I could really use them. Thanks for reading, and make it a great day!


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  1. Lynelle Thelemaque February 26, 2011 at 9:50 AM #

    i think you have a nice page here… today was my initial time coming here.. i just happened to discover it doing a google search. anyway, great post.. i’ll be bookmarking this page for sure.

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