The joys of parenthood: sex please?

24 Jan

I wrote this last night after the special night that I had planned for the wife got interupted for yet the fourth time this week. Man, its rough being a parent, but in the end, its all worth it. I know there are couples out there who go thru this issue too. And if you have any tips, feel free to comment down below. Here goes:

Boy, never in a thousand years did I ever think that my wife and I would have to schedule sex. Even though we had two beautiful kids, we could still find time to get our freak on. But ever since the baby has gotten here, its been difficult to say the least. Every parent out there knows what I’m talking about. You think that you’ve finally nailed down the perfect time and WHAM! Tears in the baby monitor.  Now if most guys are like me,  we’re able to get right back into the mood when (if) the baby goes back to sleep. But the wife on the other hand,  not so much. But most times you know what happens in my house? Baby stays up and baby wants to play.  Which sucks for me because while baby’s up playing, mommy’s next to daddy snorts. What’s that you say? Continue the session thirty minutes later when baby’s back to sleep?  Not a chance.  Then I’m left stuck, fantasizing of what would’ve been. Fellas, tell me that I’m not the only one out there in this boat? I doubt that I am. Well, I would write on,  but I need to grab some zzzzz’s before baby gets hungry because of course, its my night to tend to her. Hopefully my wife will be willing for a little “face to face ” in the morning,  but, our oldest daughter doesn’t know the meaning of “sleeping in ” so I know I may just have to put a note on the calendar for sometime this week. But who knows if it’ll go according to plan?  Goodnight folks.  Holla


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