Rappin the Gospel!!

3 Dec

Whats up yall, back again with another one. Please excuse my football rant, I am very passionate about sports, and my teams in general. Here we go
I was talking to a co-worker the other day who happens to be an assistant pastor at his church, about rap music. I like gospel rap, and as a matter of fact, its the only rap that I listen to. So I asked him if he listens to it, and my question was met with a resounding no. So I asked him why, and he said that gospel and rap music, doesn’t and shouldn’t go together. Now, when I was first asked about gospel rap a few years ago, my stance was I’d never heard any gospel rappers that could actually rap! Up until then, the gospel rap music that I had heard was like a bad youtube parody, and my co-worker mocks gospel rap in the same way. As a matter of fact, his two favorite phrases are “man I dont wanna hear nobody talkin bout doing drive-bys for Jesus”, or “bustin guns for my Jesus”. Usually I just laugh, but when I think about it, that is a very closed-minded way of thinking. I feel like it is putting God in a box by saying “we cant listen to gospel music in this form”. Look, I’ll take God’s word any way I can get it. Some people are set in their ways and beliefs. Its two other cats at work that I talk music with on a daily basis, and they are always trying to put me on the new hot stuff thats out in the “secular” world. Disclaimer: I just totally stopped listening to all non-gospel rap about a month ago, but I’ve been weaning myself off of it for quite awhile. I’ve even twice in the past threw away every rap cd in my collection. Thats not gonna happen this time because I dont wanna set myself up for failure again. But when I told these two cats what I listen to, the first thing I was asked was “yo can these dudes rap?” and They were instantly receptive to me “putting them on” and they both have told me that they really enjoy it. I was just kind of taken aback that my church going homie was so quick to dismiss it but my two “non church going” homies listened with no problem. It seems like church is like that in general sometimes. And its not just church either. Whenever a new way of doing something is introduced, we are closed minded and dont wanna hear any other argument. I was about to give up on rap before I was introduced to GOOD gospel rap and I’m glad I did not. Behind sitting in a church pew, rap is my favorite way to receive the gospel. Now, I understand that everyone wont (sadly) be able to open their minds to listen to another form of gospel music, but if you have an open mind, listen to some music from guys like FLAME, Da Truth, Lecrae, Sho Baraka, or Ambassador. You’ll be able to find something that you like, and if you like rap music, then you wont be disapointed. Peace yall!


2 Responses to “Rappin the Gospel!!”

  1. stacy December 3, 2010 at 3:04 AM #

    Listening only to gospel is like listening only to non-gospel, in my opinion. I use music to serve different purposes. For an example, I listen to RnB when I’m doing the “do”. Although I wouldn’t listen to “Jesus gon work it Out” on that same note. LOL! Great Blog!

  2. dalena johnson December 6, 2010 at 9:36 AM #

    nice blog keep up the good work…..

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