Michigan football: My observation of the program as a die-hard fan, But from a “real” point of view

1 Dec

Hello again folks! Well, I am straying away from my normal topics today and will be talking about a subject near and dear to my heart: Michigan football. Not the entire state, but the University of Michigan. Now, I was born in the state of Ohio, but my mom is a UM grad, and my father in law is also a UM grad and former football player. So the football team is near to my heart (as I don’t root for any of the other teams). Now let’s get to it……

In all my years of watching football, Michigan football, I have never with my eyes witnessed a UM team as bad as the collection that we’ve had in Ann Arbor the last 3 years. I, like most fans see this as an issue that needs to be addressed. We all know that the defense is historically bad, and the offense, while explosive against some teams, gets bottled up against teams with bigger, more talented defenses I.e. Ohio State and Wisconsin. But, it seems more and more that Rich Rod doesn’t know how to beat these upper-echelon teams in the Big Ten. I’m not one of those fans crying about how the spread offense doesn’t work in the Big Ten. That’s b.s. Didn’t Troy Smith win the Heisman trophy running a spread style offense? Yes he did. Plus, Penn State, Ohio State, Purdue, and Northwestern have all run the spread with success, so that’s not the problem. We all know its the defense. The 3-3-5 doesn’t work in the Big Ten. And yes, I know that West Virginia still runs the 3-3-5 and they have a top ten ranked defense this year, but look at the teams they play: Cincinnati, South Florida, etc, etc. With the exception of Pitt and UCONN, every Big East team runs a spread. Maybe I’m stretching it, but they don’t consistently face those mauler type offensive lines that you have in the big ten. Switch back to a base 4-3 and that should solve a lot of the defenses problems. Also, have you seen the size of the Michigan linebackers? Tiny. UM essentially plays 3 down linemen and 8 db’s. That’s why Wisconsin was able to run the ball down our throats.


Look, I’ve been hearing all weekend and all day long how AD David Brandon has to fire Rich Rod now. I am not one of those fans who agree with that. #1, it gives Brandon time to make an informed decision, and not one fueled by emotion. He doesn’t “need” to fire Rodriguez now. I happen to believe that if he did, it could put us in a position where the guy we want could be “strong armed” into extending with the school he is at currently (I.e. Les Miles 3 years ago). Say that Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh is the front runner, and let’s face it, he is the peoples choice, do you think that if word got out that he was going to take the job that officials at Stanford would let him coach the bowl game? By the way, it is still possible that the Cardinal could make the BCS Championship game. If that was the case, then I would take coaching in the championship game over coaching Michigan. Now what I don’t agree with is Brandon waiting until after the bowl game to make his decision. Other coaches see that, and they’ll use it recruiting against Michigan the same way that the NCAA sanctions were (probably) used against them. In my opinion, once Michigan finds out its bowl game, the decision should be made then to keep Rodriguez or let him go. And if he is let go, is Harbaugh the only option that we have? I for one would call up a guy in Idaho who coaches a team that NO ONE wants to play. Jim Harbaugh would be 1a, and Chris Peterson 1b. But those are not the only choices, and Les Miles would be a dark-horse candidate for the job.  Do we need a “Michigan man”? I don’t think so, but it would be preferred, and the entire fan base would love it.
In conclusion, I don’t know what David Brandon is going to do. No one does. But he seems as though he will take his time and make his decision the best one for the program. The circus that is currently in Ann Arbor needs to go.


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